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CTN CHAIR Trauma Registry
Trauma Nurse Specialist/ Data Manager
Intermountain Good Samaritan Hospital
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Coding Corner

NEW Electric Scooters Code as of 2021

Use when ICD10 codes are updated in your registry

Codes are under the title of Accident on other pedestrian conveyance. V00.8XXA

Specific code for Electric scooters (E- scooters and other Micro Mobility Scooters such as Hoverboard and Segway) is V00.84XA

Electric Scooters 2018

During our 2018 Winter Conference a request was made for a unified code to support research on the implementation of the scooters in urban areas. After thorough evaluation, the PI sub-committee recommends the following unified codes:

V00.181A = Fall from other rolling-type pedestrian conveyance

V00.182A = Pedestrian on other rolling type conveyance colliding w/stationary object

V00.188A = Other accident on other rolling-type pedestrian conveyance (collisions w/vehicles, bikes, pedestrians, etc.)